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Computers and the History of Art

Futures Past coverDIGITAL VISUAL CULTURE. Theory and Practice
CHArt Yearbook 2007
Volume 3

Edited by Anna Bentkowska-Kafel, Trish Cashen, and Hazel Gardiner

Digital creativity is boundless. Art practitioners and scholars continue to explore what technology has to offer and practice-based research is redefining their disciplines. What happens when an artist experiments with bio-scientific data and discovers something the scientists failed to notice? How do virtual telematic environments affect our relationship with the object and our understanding of identity and presence? Interactive engagement with the creative process takes precedence over the finite piece thus affecting the roles of the artist and the viewer.

The experience of arts computing in the last decades provides a sound basis for theorising this practice. Since its inception in 1985, CHArt Computers and the History of Art has been at the forefront of international debate on digital art practice, curation and scholarship. The ten papers included in this volume, the third CHArt Yearbook published by Intellect, are drawn from recent CHArt conferences. The authors seek to articulate methodological and theoretical perspectives on digital media, including communication and preservation of digital artworks. These issues are pertinent to contemporary visual culture and may help deepen its understanding.



Introduction by Hazel Gardiner


PAPER 1 Aesthetics and interactive art by Karen Cham

PAPER 2 A blueprint of bacterial life: can a science-art fusion move the boundaries of visual and audio interpretation?
by Elaine Shemilt

PAPER 3 Invisible work: the representation of artistic practice in digital visual culture
by Ann-Sophie Lehmann


PAPER 4 Mapping outside the frame: interactive and locative art environments by Elizabeth Coulter-Smith and Graham Coulter-Smith

PAPER 5 From UNCAGED to Cyber-Spatialism by Ralf Nuhn


PAPER 6 When presence-absence becomes pattern-randomness: Blast Theory's Can You See Me Now? by Maria Chatzichristodoulou

PAPER 7 The digital image and the pleasure principle: the consumption of realism in the age of simulation by Hamid van Koten


PAPER 8 Digital archiving as an art practice by Dew Harrison

PAPER 9 Preservation of Net art in museums by Anne Laforet


CHArt Computers and the History of Art

Guidelines for submitting papers for the CHArt Yearbook

ISBN 9781841502489
ISSN 1743-3959
Published by intellect

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