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Conformity, Process and Deviation: Digital Arts as 'Outsider'


CHArt 2014 conference, part of the UNDERGROUND
King's College London Arts & Humanities Festival
Saturday, 18 October 2014


Btihaj Ajana (King’s College London, UK)
Digital Poiesis and the Everyday

German Alfonso Nunez (University of the Arts London)
Frankenstein, Chimeras and Transhumanism: Contemporary Art and its conflicting representations of medical and scientific knowledge

Brass Art (Chara Lewis, Manchester; Kristin Mojsiewicz, Glasgow and Anneké Pettican, Huddersfield, UK)
Submerged and disrupted identities | Beyond the walls - the disguise

Caroline Claisse (Royal College of Art, London UK)
The Exquisite Cabinet: an experimental installation to encourage creative thinking and sharing stories

Douglas Dodds (V&A, London)
Underground or overground: which line to take for digital art?

Adam Harper (University of Oxford)
Voices in the Online Wilderness? The Outsider Musician and the Internet

Maureen Kendal (London Metropolitan University)
Women’s Film Production as Outsider and Disruptive

Aris Lanarides (Leeds Metropolitan University) and Fotis Begklis (Universities of Westminster)
Who can help Odysseus to find his path back to his Ithaca (or Penelope)? Only you decide

Chia-Ling Lee (Columbia University, New York City)
The role of digital interactivity in the creative process of early web-based art works

Jessie Robertson (Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK)
Re-claiming Anonymity: Surveillance and Aesthetic Resistance in the Post-Snowden Age

Carl H. Smith (Learning Technology Research Institute (LTRI) London Metropolitan University, UK)
The Art of Hacking the Self: Exploring New Forms of Vision and Creativity using Sensory Augmentation, Perceptual Adaptation and Context Engineering

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