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Seeing... Vision and Perception in a Digital Culture



Eduardo Abrantes
Night-Coloured-Eye: Night Vision in Video or the Mediated Perception of Invisibility

Catherine Baker and Iain Gilchrist

Luciana Bordoni, Attilio Colagrossi and Lorenzo Felli
GIS and WebGIS Technologies for Enhanced Seeing in Archaeology. The Case of the Roman Aqueducts

Dirk de Bruyn
Play it again, SAM

David Crawford
Realisim vs Reality TV in the War on Terror: Artworks and Models of Interpretation

Alan Dunning and  Paul Woodrow
Seeing Things: Ghosts in the Machine

Stuart G. English
Creative perception: Sensory, Conceptual and Relational Ways of Seeing [PDF]

James Faure Walker
Machines, Drawing and Vision

Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss
Performing the Archive for the Visibility of Information in Space

Simone Gristwood
Amalgamating Vision: Photography, Artificial Intelligence and Visual Art

Ada Henskens
Perception and Representation: the Visual Cortex and Landscape Art

Birgitta Hosea
Digital Synaesthesia: Hearing Colour/Seeing Sound/Visualising Gesture

David Humphrey
Seeing What You Believe, Believing What You See: Revisiting ‘Photorealism’

Linda Matthews and Gavin Perin
Digital Sites and Performative Views

Graham McAllister
New Problems In Accessibility: Seeing in 3D

Frieder Nake and Kolja Köster
Behind the Canvas, an Algorithmic Space: Reflections on Digital Art [PDF]

Carinna Parraman, John J. McCann and Alessandro Rizzi
The Art and Science of Colour: Bridging the Gap between Art and Perception

Rune Peitersen
A presentation of ‘Saccadic Sightings’, reflections on the process of working with a MobileEye and on the difficulty of visualising sensory experience

G. Brett Phares
Attentional Surplus: Ambient Media Art and the Myth of Looking™

Søren Pold
The (In)Visibility of Digital Images

Jennifer Steetskamp
Configurations of the Unseen: Installation Art and Information Overload

Paul Edward Scattergood and Martin John Richardson
Subject to Change Without Notice: How Advances In Modern Holography and Digital Imaging Have Altered Our Understanding of Vision and Perception

Janez Strehovec
Not-Just-Seeing, Not-Just-Reading (on the perception and cognition of digital literature)

Dolores A. Steinman and David A. Steinman
Medical Imaging in the Digital Age: Fusing the Real and the Imagined [also available as PDF]