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Fast Forward - Art History, Curation and Practice after Media




Francesca Franco
Towards Recognition of New Media Art at the Venice Biennale: A Historical Overview

Fidele Vlavo
Electronic Civil Disobedience: The SWARM case

Katrien Berte and Peter Mechant
User Requirements for a 'Virtual Arts Centre of the Future'

Karen Cham
Aesthetics and Interactive Art

Anne Laforet
Preservation of Net Art in Museums

Maria Chatzichristodoulou (maria x)
When Presence and Absence Turn into Pattern and Randomness: Can You See Me Now?

Daniel Palmer:
Embodying Judgment: New Media and Art Criticism

Elaine Shemilt
A Blueprint of Bacterial Life - Can a Science-Art Fusion Move the Boundaries of Visual and Audio Interpretation?

Alicia Cornwell
'You Are Here': Locative Media and the Body As Networked Site