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Theory and Practice





Elizabeth Coulter-Smith and Graham Coulter-Smith:
Mapping Outside the Frame: Interactive and Locative Art Environments

David Furnham
Les Cyclistes: Liberating the Documentary Genre/Democratising the Audience, Towards a Theorising Practice

Francis Halsall
Observing Systems-Art from a Systems-Theoretical Perspective

Dew Harrison
Digital Archiving as an Art Practice

Hamid van Koten
The Digital Image and the Pleasure Principle: the Consumption of Realism in the Age of Simulation

Ann-Sophie Lehmann
Invisible Work. The Representation of Artistic Practice in Digital Visual Culture

Max Marmor:
ARTstor: A Digital library for the History of art and the Humanities
Originally presented at the 71st IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) conference
Libraries – A voyage of discovery, Oslo, Norway 14-18 August 2005, as ‘ArtSTOR, Art Libraries and Access to Images’,
available at http://www.ifla.org/IV/ifla71/papers/022e-Marmor.pdf

Ralf Nuhn
From UNCAGED to Cyber-Spatialism

Stephen Partridge
Video: Incorporeal, Incorporated

John Pollini, Lynn Swartz Dodd, Karen Kensek and Nicholas Cipolla
Problematics of Making Ambiguity Explicit in Virtual Reconstructions: A Case Study of the Mausoleum of Augustus


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