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Computers and the History of Art

CHArt's Activities

CHArt holds an annual conference, publishes the conference proceedings and keeps in contact with members through a newsletter and email discussion list.

The annual conference focuses each year on a different specialist interest area. Conference proceedings from CHArt 1999 to the present are freely available online, as are abstracts for papers from 1997 to the present.

Past themes have included CD-ROM applications, educational issues, standards and the Internet. The proceedings of Computing and Visual Culture have been published as a print volume and papers from the Digital Art History conferences (2001 and 2002) formed the basis of the 2005 CHArt Yearbook. The 2006 CHArt Yearbook, Futures Past: Thirty Years of Arts Computing, also grew from a core of conference proceedings. In 2014 Conformity, Process and Deviation: Digital Arts as 'Outsider' will form part of the UNDERGROUND King's College London Arts & Humanities Festival.

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